Friday, August 28, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Elisha Laubacher
Blog: Seasha's Knitting Stuff
Rav ID: seasha
Some Great Designs: seasha's Rav Designer Page

This week is a profile of the youngest designer I've ever discussed on Indie Designer Day!

Seasha is a "... soon-to-be-eleventh-grader who loves to knit and design. I try to create designs that flatter the wearer and aren’t outdated or “old-ladyish”."

And her knits are definitely cute and wearable!

Take her recently published Mayapple (pictured right). While simple in shape, texture and an adorable wee tie front add interest and character to this highly usable garment.

Seasha's Autumn Shrug is another great functional pattern, this time with subtle cables and two different coloured yarns creating a unique flair in the top. I always appreciate a simple, well constructed and wearable design - this is certainly it! I'm particularly fond of the "no buttonholes needed" tidbit. They're always tricky to make!

There are many other designs on her Rav designer page linked above, but I'll point you in the direction of one more, Short-Sleeved Sweater. The sweater has great waist detailing, and is highly adjustable for the infinite possibilities that are human shapes. It's wonderful to see designers aware of this fact!

Looking forward to seeing some new designs :)


Team Knit ! said...

I love this shrug!! It's in my queue. Can't have too many great little shrugs, of course. I loved this design.

- Julie

Hilary said...

Wow -- very impressive! And VERY cool to see a high schooler so into knitting and designing. Mayapple is just adorable!

littlebirdbigcity said...

very inspiring! nice work!