Friday, February 27, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Margaret
Blog: W Czasie Wolnym
Rav ID: antymalgo
Some Great Designs: antymalgo's Rav Projects Page

Though antymalgo has posted only six knits on her Rav Projects Page, I think they're a wonderful example of a designer's unique, and signature, style.

Pictured right is her green leafs cardigan. A wonderful use of large lace texture with garment shape. I particularly enjoy the way the leaves "fade out" along the neckline; a rather graceful way to end/begin a continuous lace pattern.

Her flair with necklines is continued with her white sweater, which features an all-over lace scallop pattern, extending up into a voluminous turtleneck. Here she's understood the importance of lace and shape: the layers of neckline and scalloped lace are a perfect marriage of design elements.

The simple white has my favourite neckline of the three. It's retro-glam with its extra-long-wave-of-a-fold that curls up behind your neck. I'm sure that it would do a fantastic job of framing the wearer's face and adding some chic-itude to your outfit!

The designer informs me her blog will be in English soon.


Susan said...

Very sexy designs. Great shapes that would flatter different body-types.

Brenda said...

Oh great designs, but what a tease. They are not for sale! Or at least not any evidence of them being for sale on ravelry. I couldn't access the blog. Invited readers only, it said.

Hilary said... leafy likey!

yoel said...

What a great find! Love the neck/edging on that leaf cardigan. Thanks!