Saturday, February 21, 2009

Herringbone Slouch

I enjoy a good "fast-off-the-needles" project, and this was one of them.
Herringbone Slouch

Pattern: Herringbone Slouch
Yarn: Mission Falls Superwash 136 (one ball each colour)
Needles: 3.25 mm dpns

Herringbone SlouchMission Falls makes a lovely yarn. The colours are fantastic and the wool itself has a great soft and springy factor. I was going for a knit fabric that would be substantial enough to keep you warm, and the needle size coupled with the extra-layer provided by fair isle make this a cozy knit.

Though honestly, I was sort of hoping for a more "slouchy" effect than the one I got. I'll just have to get my hands on some lighter-weighted yarn and give it a go.

On an unrelated note: As you've probably noticed, I've been messing around with my template and creating a new look for the blog. While it's very fun, I must admit that I know very little about this stuff, and am sure that the page could appear rather, uh, messed up on other screens/browsers.

If you notice anything funky (and that's the bad funky!) please drop me a line and tell me I've gone awry.


Sarah said...

I really like how those turned out. The colours look great together!

Susan said...

Those came out great! Love the ring with them on, too.

Team Knit ! said...

They turned out absolutely lovely!! I said it in the last post, but I'll say it again.|The colours you chose are gorgeous.

- Julie

littlebirdbigcity said...

Love 'em! And the blog looks great, no glitches as far as I can see.

Hilary said...

These are tres fab, and I think they have just the right amount of slouch. Great colors, great style -- cozy and chic at the same time. Well done!!