Monday, January 19, 2015

Vana Shrug

It was near to a year ago when I was working on my sample for Vana, my new shrug pattern in Knitscene Spring 2015.  My backyard was all green, the weather was warm, and I was sporting my favourite seagull-based dress.
This pattern is part of a Golden theme. All the pieces in this story are all (or at least part) yellow.
I'm a big fan of this colour, and wear it often. I understand, though, that some people might find it a difficult colour to incorporate into their wardrobes.

Want to insert some bright colours into your handknits? Give this a shot:
  • go to a clothing store and try on the colours! (Try to focus on the colour, rather than the style)
  • start small: accessories (or even a shrug?), maybe some touches of colourwork with bright pops
  • try different shades: not EVERY yellow is going to be the best
  • and remember: it's nice to try out new colours, but our clothes should make us feel happy and confident. If something's doing the opposite of this, then maybe it's just not a great fit for you

And if you're wondering what I think is best to pair a golden yellow shrug with, I'd have to suggest a blue dress with rain-slicker-wearing seagulls as an optimal choice.

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Fran said...

I love yellow, too. It makes me feel sunny and happy.