Thursday, January 29, 2015

For Children? For Adults!

A few weeks ago, Amy shared this fantastic pattern with the words "it's totally appropriate for grown ass woman, right?" I say YES. Forever yes.

I knew I recognized this designer's work; I realized I first wished her kids knits were for grown ups two years ago on an indie designer post. And now, she offers some of her designs in grown-up sizes too!

Pattern: Sly Fox Cowl
Designer: Ekaterina Blanchard
Yarn: Cascade Eco wool (cream and brown) as well as my own very first hand spun!

Things I love about this pattern:
  • seamless wonder!
  • fun short rows
  • the double-knitting made easy, and functioning as a sleeve for the tie
  • the fact that I got to use my terribly thick n' thin spindle spun
  • the fit: you get a warm head without hat hair!
  • THE PAWS! Man, do you see the cuteness of the paws?!
So go and knit yourself one right now! Grown ass women with fox cowls unite!


Ecochic said...

Sometimes grown-ass women need to dress up like kids, too, to prove that they are still awesome.

Sampras_5 said...

I love it!!

Amy said...

Pretty sure I can finish mine this weekend... then to knit the wolf version!