Monday, January 05, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe: The Knits

I originally thought my capsule wardrobe for the spring/summer of this year wouldn't need any knits. Then I decided to dig through my WIPs pile and Ravelry queue. Bam! Plenty of warm weather knits!

One of my WIPs, nearly half done, is my second sample of Estivate. I love me a shrug, and Estivate is a convertible scarf/shrug that I began with a whiteish, light sock yarn. It'd be perfect for pairing with most of the dresses I have planned.

Rummaging through my queue and favourites on Ravelry, I re-discovered The Ruffled Crocheted Bib Necklace. It looks like fun! Crocheted jewellery isn't something I've ever done before, but I have visions of this being a fun and relaxing project. It would work well with about half of the dress necklines I have planned.
Allyson's Pippi Necklace
There's also the adorable Pippi; originally designed as a scarf, it's got mod options to make it a necklace.

But then I started looking at the shrugs I have queued. So many! So, I'd like your help in picking one to knit for my capsule wardrobe. Vote below!

Shrugs: Which Should I Choose?
Clockwise from top right:
Radial image © Laura Kicey  
Verse image © Alexandra Tinsley  
Sirdar Lacy Shrug image © rebeccanorrie 
Funnel Cloud Shrug image © Betsy Farquhar

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Sarah V. said...

Oh wow, I really like Pippi! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

kingshearte said...

If I were picking for me, I'd probably go with the red one. But that ruffly thing is truly fabulous, and based on what I can gather of your esthetic, I think you could totally rock it, so that's what I think you should knit.