Monday, January 26, 2015

Neon, Neutrals, and Triangles: Preview Two

A while back I announced my collaborative project with Emma Welford and Sarah Hurwitz.
This is the six pattern ebook that will feature two designs per designer, with each of us contributing both an accessory and a garment. And of course, it's thematically structured around neons, neutrals, and triangles.

Just wanted to pop back here to give you a wee preview of my garment for the collection.

I knit my samples myself. And of course, I tend to have samples sitting around my house that are still in the pre-published stage. At this point I'm itching to wear it. It's exciting to finish something! But, I'm always just a little bit worried about doing that. What if I spill something on it? What if it gets caught on something? What if I have an unusual run in with a nasty gang of ruffian clothesmoths who decide to seek revenge on me and my anti-moth ways by eating my sample?!
Unfounded fears? Possibly.
But next time you're walking down a dark alley, and you hear an unusual flapping creeping up behind you, hang on to your woolens!! It's them ruffian clothesmoths!

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Michelle said...

Oh man, are those puffed/gathered shoulders? I can't wait yo see this collection!
I'm also paranoid about moths. When I see my cat staring intently at the ceiling, everything stops until we've caught the moth and released it into the wild.