Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Styling White Horse Hill

There's something about this wee pattern! It's always been one of my favourites. Despite this, White Horse Hill hasn't seen regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Then one day it hit me! The gentle ruffle of the wrap/wee poncho is perfectly paired with my ruffled black skirt.

Do you wear wraps? What do you usually pair them with?

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kingshearte said...

I like the *idea* of wraps, largely because people who do wear them always seem to look so dashing (even if that word is probably usually applied to men), but I've yet to decide if I'm really a wrap sort of person. I have made a few, and they usually go over pretty well when I do wear them, but I also feel like I spend a lot of time adjusting them when I do, so I don't know that I ever see them becoming a major part of my wardrobe. I usually pair them with a long-sleeved tee and jeans, because jeans is more or less what I always wear, given the option.