Friday, January 22, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: verybusymonkey
Rav ID: verybusymonkey
Some Great Designs: verybusymonkey's Rav Designer Page

I love it when designers employ fantastic stories.
Witness the quirkily titled Irate Squirrel Socks (pictured). In a wee excerpt from the pattern page,
"When you see a squirrel on the side of the road, [the designer's roommate] feels you should shake your fist in the air and yell, “I see you squirrel!”"
I whole-heartedly agree, but must add that instead of squirrel-fist-shaking (which, if I were to do, would take up all my time), I use this one on deer.
The pattern's totally sweet too. I have a newfound "thing" for cabley socks.

And speaking of cabley socks... here comes another lovely, mood setting story manifest in verybusymonkey's Aliso Creek Socks. I (and according to my boyfriend, all other women) loved horses as a little girl, and the picturesque and adventurous image painted by her pattern's backstory leaves me wanting to be twelve again.

But it's not only the enchanting backstory that verybusymonkey has utilized in her designing. She's also come up with a wicked cool idea in her Adventure Sock (1). Here's the idea behind it, in the designer's own words:

"Remember those “Choose your own adventure books” from years ago? Perhaps I’m dating myself, but I thought they were great and I thought, what if I can design a sock with that in mind? This pattern is the result. This pattern is for a top-down sock that comes with four different charted stitch patterns... You can use one stitch pattern four times around the sock, or you can work all four charts one time each... You can make symmetrical socks or completely unsymmetrical ones - the end result is entirely up to you!!! Depending on the kind of sock “adventure” you’d like to have!"

How cool is that? She also has plans to create more "Adventure Socks", so stay tuned! And look out for her work on the Solidsocks Ravelry group.


Julie said...

I love the adventure socks concept, what a great idea!! awesome socks.

Hilary said...

Choose your own adventure socks?! That is so clever!! How fun.

Trish said...

I loved those adventure books and I love the idea of those socks!

Erin Wallace said...

I love these socks! I'm just starting to knit socks (more of a hat and scarf type of girl) and these will have to go in my queue. They are Gorgeous and cably - what could be better

Anonymous said...

Great stories and a great concept w/the adventure socks. Thanks again for helping more of us find these indie treats! - Spencer