Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tareja Morph

Unhappy as I was with the original Tareja, I decided that scissors needed to be enlisted in a repurposing of this poor knit-gone-wrong.
So, from failed top to questionable cowl.
Photobucket Questionable simply because of the points, making me feel, yet again, just a bit court jester-y.
I flirted with the idea of frogging the whole thing, but silk being what it is, and lace being what it is, my patience could not stands the thought of it and I settled for this.
At least if I'm feeling iffy about the points, they're easily tucked into the coat.

Following a week of starts and stops knit-wise, I can only hope that the next seven days are more inspired, and I have flocks of stuffs to show & tell shortly.

Song of the week:
I'm So Tired - a personal favourite by the Beatles.

Song of next week?
Perhaps this song, which is possibly one of the best Beatles covers I've ever heard.

Happy knitting!


Knit - R - Done said...

You should wear that color every day. You could always steam those points out if you don't like them.

A Homely Heroine said...

That's stunning, and the colour suits you so well, beautiful lace work too : )

Leah said...

I really like this incarnation! The points are no more jester-y than lace shawls with pointed edgings, I don't think. Anyway, your ability to salvage unhappy projects is inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I like this incarnation a lot better, and I think the points work very well here. The color is gorgeous, too!

Hilary said...

No court-jester-ness at all! Lots of lace pieces have those spikey ends. I personally liked Tareja version 1, but have to admit it is lovely as a cowl. It's a very nice color on you, and you can really showcase your lace work.

LizKnits said...

I love that re-purpose! The color is great and the points are just interesting enough to make the cowl interesting!