Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Distinct Lack of Knitting

PhotobucketThanks to everyone for your wonderful comments re: my Arisaig! I feel much better about wearing it out and about now *grins.

The loud whir of my sewing machine kept the canaries singing over the holidays.

I'm not so great when it comes to all things fabric - I like buying it, looking at it, and imagining what I could make with it if I were most patient and learned. But unfortunately I'm none o' those things, and thus am left to my own ignorant and impatient devices when me and my sewing machine play crafting.

This here is one of the number of cotton concoctions I've constructed. The strawberry image is one that I purchased an age ago on the old eBay, and the quote stamped rather crudely beneath is hails from the Oxford Etymology Dictionary.

It's now living near my front door, to happily greet me in my geekily way every time I come home.

In the photo below you see the sweet red and white backing I gave it. Due to my aforementioned lack of sewing skillz, I was not successful in creating the binding as I had envisioned, but every now and again the lovely backing fabric is visible due to wonky and definitively un-even sewing!


Ellen said...

That's a very cute project!

Hilary said...

Did you stamp the definition yourself? It is fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. (And how interesting about the etymology of strawberry! I always wondered where it came from.)

Siga said...

This is cute! I love strawberries... Oh, summer where art though?

hunnybunny said...

This is such a wonderful project! I LOVE Strawberries, I even have an old Strawberry Shortcake Valance in my kitchen.