Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mood Knitting

For those of us who have a considerable amount of WIPs, here is a handy page of justification - should you need it.

Mood Knitting

Part the first -

"I feel uninspired..."
so I pick up a mindless knit which will give me a guaranteed beautiful object in the end.

so I cast on for a knit that will be for the pleasure of knitting. Knit for knit's sake.

Part the second -

"I feel a flurry of creativity..."
so I forge boldly into unknown waters and create a knit from my head.

so I sketch and sketch and think and ponder until I suppose I know what I want to do, and then take on that challenge, man!

Part the third -

"I feel social..."
so I dive into the stash for the "unimportant" knit that will see me through an evening knitting with company.

so I dive into the stash for a flashy, fancy-pants knit that will hook all those around me, and pass the knitting-bug on.

Part the fourth -

"I feel in love..."
so I take the aforementioned love (which of course is yarn, duh) and cast on for the beauty of the yarn.

so I whip out those gorgeous needles and grab the best yarn to complement that lovely shade of wood. (yes, wood is a shade. Because I said so.)

Part the fifth -

"I feel academic..."
so I boldly go where my knits have never gone before and take on that untried technique!

so I grab some long-neglected, good ol' sturdy yarn to teach others the craft.


Kai said...

I am so with you on all of those moods!! :D

Rosie said...

So true!

patricia said...

So true! I'm reassured once more I'm not alone...

Unraveling Sophia said...

What a great post! I am so with you there!

BTW - I've given you a blog award - the Kreativ Blogger award because you are always creating such beautiful designs! You can pick up the award icon on my blog...

Sel and Poivre said...

Well said indeed! (And of course wood is a colour!)

Hilary said...

So very true! I think you've captured what goes on in the mind of a knitter perfectly. And I agree that wood is totally a color. :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty entrelac....

elliebelle said...

I love that! Isn't it funny that you don't necessarily realize you have those moods until somebody spells it out for you. Of course, I'm not a very advanced knitter, so I think a lot of those moods may be the "designing" my own piece part! But still, it's fun to read it. Thanks!

GallifreyGirl said...

I totally agree with the mood knitting! I always have a bunch of WIPs at one time. Some people say you get less done but it's not true, it just doesn' seem like it cause it's a little bit on every project.

Ellen said...

I love this post! I can definitely relate. :)