Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rip Roarin' Christmas at Home

The last winner for the Christmas Giveaway was littlebirdbigcity. Thanks to everyone for participating!
As it happens, I did get me a snow day. Four day weekends capped off by a Christmas at home can be rather fruitful! Grinchy cookie making (come with rather frightening eyes)Photobucket
Hoodie present giving to sister (I think she digs)PhotobucketPhotobucket
and flip-top mitt gifting

Those ones were for my mom. I also gave her one of my new obsession, my good friend the rooster man. Here's the one I gifted to her:

Slightly funky looking beak, but I loves him still. Have yourself some good holidays all! My seasonal sugar intake had spiked - hope yours has too :)


Ellen said...

Love the cookies!
Those are great gifts too! :)

Kathleen Dames said...

What a pretty sweater for your sister!

soknitpicky said...

Merry Christmas! You have done some mighty fine gifting! And I love those cookies

Poethead said...

Where did you find the Grinch cookie cutter? I love it. Next year. . . .

Mom IsAmagpie said...

What wonderful gifts you made for everyone. I love the color of that sweater, I used a LOT of Kool-Aid to acheive that color for my slouchy noggin cap.