Monday, December 01, 2008

'Twas the Giveaway before Christmas...

Firstly, thanks to everyone for taking the time to participate in this giveaway.
An interesting factoid: four times as many people prefer patterns with the photos, instead of the layout where patterns are collected at the back. Perhaps all the mags/books should have done some market research before changing the popular format!

Congratulations to last week's winner, Charity!

As always, this giveaway will stay open for the entering until Saturday, at which time I'll pull the name of the winner and announce that person's name on Monday.

Here's your gooftastic rhyme for week #3's goodies:
The giveaway before Christmas continues today,
answer these two questions and a gift may be on its way!

1) How do you hear about new knitting books? Ravelry? Word of mouth? LYS?
2) Do you prefer patterns that are challenging or easy?
...and here is what you'll get:

-two hand-crafted felt owls
-one handknit bear
-one roll of ribbon
-two hanks of Rowan Summer Tweed
-one handmade purse with vintage wooden handles (approximately 14" long and 9" deep, excluding handles)

Thanks to all! Still two more week's worth of giveaways to come :)


Sarah said...

I usually hear about new (or new to me) knitting books through blogs. Bloggers are fotns of knowledge! As far as patterns go, I like a mix of easy and difficult. I am still a fairly new knitter so overall easy patterns with some challenging bits incorporated are great for learning and explanding my skills. Thanks!!

Eileen said...

1) Honestly, I hear about new knitting books either by searching online (amazon, borders, barnes and noble, etc.), or I find them in my library's online catalog. I don't really know a lot of knitters in my area since my dad can't drive me here and there...
2) Hmm, when it comes down to it, I guess I like easier patterns. I pay more attention to the finished product than the pattern (maybe because of my high school girl ways), but then again, a little challenging isn't so bad.

PS. I love your designs!

Leah said...

1. Ravelry. Friends queue exciting patterns, and I find out they are from new publications.

2. I'd say challenging, but I've been doing a whole lot of easy lately. In principle I like to be challenged, but perhaps working on easy patterns fits into my everyday life better at this point. (knittin' at work in secret at my dumb job - shhh don't tell)

Charity said...

Thank you so much! :0)

Anonymous said...

1)I go on Amazon first and always see what books are new and not yet released. I check out many through interlibrary loans. Ravelry is the second place I find out about books and designs. I have some of your's in my que; Beautiful knits they are!

2)I like either, but usually lean toward challenging. Many things I want to knit need some experience to make and I enjoy learning new techniques. If I like the design, I will make it and learn what I need to learn while making it. Although, too challenging can be frustrating at times and not as fast to knit.

Samurai Mom said...

1) Blogs or word of mouth OR doing a search on the Internet or Library catalog
2)I like challenging patterns in books because I feel cheated if I pay money for a book and the patterns are all easy, I feel like the easy ones should be free - because they are easy and close to common knowledge. I like to pay for challenging patterns that really test me. I also love learning a new technique in a book that I can add to my knitting knowledge.

Anonymous said...

1.) I work at a library, so I get to see the titles of all the new knitting books before they hit the shelves!
2.) I enjoy a pattern that's challenging enough to hold my interest, but not so challenging to where I get stressed out or frustrated (hey, I knit to unwind).

Lucie said...

1)The most interesting patterns and titles come from blogs and ravelry. I like to know what someone has discovered and is excited about.
2)I knit because I enjoy it and also to wear something that fits well and looks good on me. So I look for patterns that are flattering, as a starting point and the challenge or ease is secondary. I don't like knitting cables or bobbles so I avoid patterns with cables/or bobbles.

Krafty Like A Fox said...

I most often hear about knitting books through word of mouth "oh, so-and-so made this out of this great book" or links on blogs. Then amazon does that suggested titles thing and I wander around the internets looking at books...

I prefer more challenging patterns, because if it were easy, I'd rather just make my own up. I see patterns as a means of teaching me new skills.

maramae said...

I usually hear about new knitting books via blogs. I read so many and lately a lot of the blogs have "advertised" ones that they find interesting/worth it.

I like a good mix of easy/difficult patterns. I am not experienced but like to challenge myself (get better). I really enjoy the books that take me through the steps assuming little knowledge. Then again, easy patterns make for fast and satisfying projects :)
Thanks again (crossing my fingers)

Nettie said...

I usually hear about new knitting books on Ravelry or blogs. Every so often, I'll spy something on Amazon, in that section where they recommend things to you.

As for patterns, I love the look of the complicated ones, but I do not like knitting them. I prefer simple designs and relatively easy construction. I lean toward seamless knits, but for the right thing, I'll handle the seaming.

Hilary said...

1. Mostly Ravelry and word of mouth -- or I guess you could say word of keyboard, as I find out about most new books on others' blogs.

2. It depends on the mood I'm in, but if I really love the finished object, it doesn't matter if the pattern is the most complicated thing I've ever seen, I'll do it!

Aesderina said...

1. I don't really hear a lot of books. But when I do, it is word of month from the girls I knit with at Knitnight! When I do go to Chapters, I hit the knitting section FIRST! I like reference books more than books with patterns now.
2. never thought about this before. Never really paid attention to if it was hard or easy. if I like it I'll knit it! but I think I do look for more difficult or at least more interesting (I would rather knit cables then just straight knit in a sweater) knits.

Thanks for the awesome questions! I never thought about them!

Liz said...

Usually I hear about new knitting books just by browsing the book store. Sometimes, it's because I've come accross a pattern on Ravelry or someone's blog, look it up and find the book that way.

In terms of patterns; I don't mind a challenging pattern, if it's written well. I tend to have one hard project going, and then knit easier ones in between.

Thanks for hosting all these awesome giveaways!

Cloudberry said...

1)If I see a pattern I like at Ravelry it sometimes leeds me to a good book, or I cheek amazon once in a while or other bookstores.
2) Both ;)

Unknown said...

I guess I usually find new knitting books by plunking myself down in the craft section at the bookstore or library. It' so exciting when I find a book that I've never seen before! I do like to take on challenging projects. I find that's the best way to learn new techniques. Although, they may take a while to get done correctly:) I hope to make one of your patterns soon (especially like Anne Elliot).

Melissa said...

I find out about new books by searching on amazon (they have ggod reviews) or knitpicks (they have more pictures of patterns in the book - definite bonus). Occasionally, I will see one on a blog and check it out.
I enjoy both easy and challenging patterns - depends on my mood - do I want something fast and easy or do I want to improve my skills? I like improving my skills, but I can only do that so much without gray matter overload!

Auglaise said...

1) I usually hear about new books through the (waaaay too many) blogs I read, or Ravelry. Sometimes I'll come across one that catches my eye while in the bookstore or my LYS too.

2) If I want it, I will make it. I'm almost entirely self-taught, and tend to base what I'm going to make on how much I like the look/yarn/pattern rather than the difficulty level. Easy is quick and fun, but difficult is an intriguing challenge! ^_^

Anonymous said...

1) I usually hear about new knitting books through blogs. I rarely have to go searching for information because someone has already gotten a copy and talked about it! I find out about older books usually through ravelry or word of mouth. Sometimes I get lucky browsing the knitting section in a book store. Oooh- and lately I've found that I can get a lot of knitting books at my local library, so I've been checking out some great old ones.
2) I prefer patterns that are challenging. I get bored easily, and it always makes me a little annoyed with myself if I feel like I've picked out a pattern that I could have designed myself.

Fry said...

1) Ravelry helps a lot. Amazon also likes to tell me about books I might enjoy and will pull up things that are new or new to me.

2) The easier or more challenging a project depends on my mood. Sometimes I would like to do crazy things and other days I would like to just knit garter stitch and not think at all.

Aesderina said...

ohh I tagged you on my blog! Hope you have time to fill it out!! :)

Sophie said...

I usually found about new book by browsing on my favorite shop online like knit picks in the preview or at Amazon. And when new patterns added to Ravelry that catches my eyes.

I like to buy book to have challenging pattern, if I'm looking for a easy one, I prefer to get them for free or improvise by myself from a free pattern. It's always fun to learn a thing or two from new challenging patterns.

Anonymous said...

1. I often hear about new knitting books on Ravelry or the numerous email from Royal Yarns. Blogs are also a great source of new pattern books and info.--If I see something I just have to knit then I will search out the source.

2. I love a challenge! My first pair of mittens (and project on dpn) was a pair of Latvian mittens by fiance picked out of Folk Knitting-- I told him I to pick a pair from the book and he picked the most complicated one! However, they turned out great, taught me a lot and my skills have soared since! I do have to keep "mindless stockinette stitch sweaters" on the needles for knitting at work- hard to answer phones when you are in the middle of a cable row!

Teresa said...

Alright everyone - it's draw time! Thanks again for participating :)