Thursday, December 18, 2008

Galo Português para minha Vavó

Rooster vs. Rooster
Rooster - on blog

This year I've decided to make my grandmother a rooster... a lucky rooster!
This guy (clearly, my sewn version on the left) is from a folk story and is a good luck symbol. I just think he's rawkin.
Rooster - on blog

I had a lot of fun sewing him up - I just used some quilting scraps, fibre-fill stuffing and a couple left over buttons from my Gaets cardi. I've got plans for a rooster family. This guy has to fly off to my grandma's, but his brothers are hatchin in me brain.
...and what, no knitting content, you say? That is true. As can happen, my yarnny machinations have overloaded and caused a short in the circuitry. I got on a colourwork kick, and have careened downhill from there. Now that my baking is almost done, and my present making is on the verge of completion, I think my mind will turn back to tricot and I'll have some defo progress to show before Ludi-christmas (I've been on a 30 Rock watching kick!)
They're calling for a massive amount of snowfall this weekend - fingers crossed for a SNOW DAY tomorrow! *grinny grinny*


soknitpicky said...

He is so handsome! I particularly like the fabric you chose for the comb!

Susan said...

Great fabric choice! Love it.

Kajin said...

How adorable! I can't wait to see its offsprings ;-)

Charity said...

Great gift! :o)

Nettie said...

He's lovely! I'm sure she will love him.

Hilary said...

I love your lucky rooster!

Crossing my fingers for a snow day for you tomorrow -- that's got to bring back the knitting mojo.

Ana said...

Your grandmother is portuguese?! :D! Feliz Natal de Portugal!! Merry Christmas from Portugal!! A big kiss! Beijo grande!

Katharine said...

:D I have one of those roosters sitting on my desk at work.