Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sweet December: De-stress Baking

The usual cookie-making-machine that is my holiday kitchen has slowed considerably this year. The above photos is a demonstration of the paltry few recipes I've done in 2014 (unlike 2013, 2011, and 2009).

I've shamefacedly admitted this to my cookie recipients; they usually comment that "it's so much work".Which got me thinking: baking cookies isn't really "work" to me. It's one of those things that slows me down, gets me to focus, and relax.

So, it's not that I've been avoiding cookies this year through a disdain for the work; it's just that this year, for the first time in living memory, I just haven't been in the holiday mood. The holidays have snuck right up on me!

How about you? Is baking a relaxing activity?


Jean said...

I was listening to your Gifting episode and was like, 9 RECIPES?!?!?! I think baking itself is fun and relaxing, it's the clean up that is annoying hehe. Happy Holidays!

kingshearte said...

I don't know if relaxing is necessarily the word I would use, but it is fun. The clean-up before, between each recipe and after definitely qualifies as work, although if you're it right away before everything has a chance to set, even that's not so bad.

Also, singing along to your favourite Christmas music makes everything less work-like.