Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rock Quarry

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Rock Quarry is a wide, sturdy, and cozy wrap, inspired by the beautiful landscape of Ruthven Park.
I wanted to create a textural playground with this sheepy yarn, something that would do well for guests at an early October outdoor wedding. Something fancy, yet functional.

I think it's well established that I'm a defender of the bobble. Here, they're used exclusively on each end of the wrap, happily embracing this distinctive design element.

The most fun part about this stole, besides its seamless design and bobbles, are the gentle needle size increases and soft upwards curve created by the expanding gauge, complemented by ever-so-slight shoulder-hugging short rows.

The linen stitch means that you get to work short rows, but don't have to pick up those wraps on the way back.

I was having a Bad Hair day when I quickly snapped some photos of the sample before I mailed it off to Interweave. Here you see a close up of the edge detail. Love that texture!

And here is a close up of that linen stitch. The fantastic hand of Imperial Yarn's Erin works wonderfully with the simple texture and gentle short rows.
Check out a few more pics of Rock Quarry on my ravelry page.

You can find Rock Quarry in Interweave Knits Falls 2014.

© Interweave Knits

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