Friday, August 08, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Elizabeth Davis
Blog: P l a i n s t i t c h
Rav ID: bizbis
Some Great Designs: bizbis' Rav Designer Page

Modernist wonderland. Check it out:
Chelsea Morning: Blocks of colour, simple geometric shapes, and even a pocket. Relaxed chic. The photo speaks for itself!

Courage: I really love the simplicity of these. Just stockinette/reverse stockinette and some well-placed ribbing ridges, and this looks like a magnificent deconstruction and reconstruction.

Bogolan: Not only is this cowl striking and designed to be customized (the pattern includes five different fair isle motifs), all proceeds between now and December go to Women for Women International. Knitting and designing for a good cause.

ETA: The latest: Avalanche. YOU MUST SEE THIS NOW! 

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