Monday, August 11, 2014

October Wedding Collection

I'd like to show you some peeks at the October Wedding Collection and let you know a bit more about how it will come together.

I was inspired to create this small collection of about four designs through a couple things: the desire to enable and encourage more people to be makers for their own wedding, and to emphasize that the wedding is about everyone who's there. It's not just the bride, and it's not even just the couple. There's all the guests, too. They're special and important enough to the lives of the couple to be invited, and they're an integral part of the celebrations.

So this collection is intended to have pieces that can be used by the couple, but also by any of the guests. And even beyond the wedding day itself! Some of these designs can be worn standing in the chilly autumn air waiting at the bus stop as much as standing in front of family and friends, dressed more formally.
Here's a peek at one of the swatches for the collection, in the beautiful Anzula For Better or Worsted. Is that not the perfect yarn for this collection?!

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Jean Chung said...

We made everything from the invitations to wedding accessories and centerpieces for my wedding. It must've been a great stress reliever for us because we put it together in 4 months and had a ton of fun, no fights no stress. :) I cant wait to see the whole collection!