Friday, August 22, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jen Hintz
Blog: FibroFibers
Rav ID: jenhintz
Some Great Designs: jenhintz's Rav Designer Page

Texture and fun! That's this week's designer's work.

Take Zig. I love Zig! Look how cute! Check out the other pics on the pattern page, because it looks equally great with either the wider or narrower brim, and is fantastically unisex. Now that's a hat that looks great, is fun to knit, and will keep your head warm this cold season!

Stackhouse is an otherwise pretty simple and classic-looking cowl, but paired with its intended yarn of FibroFibers Nightfall sock set and BAM! It becomes and interesting colourwork piece.

And I want to end with a rather summery (and cool!) "No Coaster Needed" Beverage Cozies. They are what they sound like, folks. And a cute idea for some of that summer's-almost-at-an-end crochet to work on while you enjoy the sun (and your beverage!)

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