Monday, August 18, 2014

Neon, Triangles, and Neutrals: A Collaboration

People. I can't believe how happy-squee-lucky I am right now. I had the incredible joy of seeing an email land in my inbox a couple months ago from the fantastic Emma Welford . She invited me to participate in an ebook collection along with the talented Sarah Hurwitz of Knit York City.
And while that's fantastic, there's still icing on this cake: Emma thought of me because of the theme they chose. That theme: Neon, Neutrals, and Triangles! GAH! I really, really love that I am in any way one of the designers they think of as being a good fit for neon, neutrals, and triangles.

So right away I painted my nails in the above-mentioned theme and put my thinking cap on. They shared their exciting sketches with me, and I generated a couple ideas of my own for the collaboration.

Here you see a sneaky-sneak preview of the wrong side of one of those designs. It's the accessory. The other design is a sweater, for which I have been very pleased to get yarn support from Cascade Yarns as well as the independent dyer, Zauberzeug.

People. I can't wait to show you the rest! Stay tuned!