Monday, June 09, 2014

Unicorn Lives Where?

He's done!
An entirely pleasant project, this cross stitch has been a little crafty vacation from knitting for my wrists1. I got him from this book. You should get it. It's very cool.

As you can see:
  • I didn't follow instructions and take it out of the hoop when not stitching. It now has perma-hoop-lines.
  • While I thought black thread is black thread, that appears to not be the case. You might be able to spot some slightly less black than the surrounding black. Yep. He's a unicorn-of-a-different-colour.
  • It's big! And I think that unicorn looks lonely all by himself there.
I'm undecided as to what to do with him next. Framed? Sewn into a blanket or pillow or something? Maybe add something interesting, funny, or even scandalous? Not sure. But I am sure that I love cross stitch. And all my friends should beware: there may be some cross stitchy gifts in your future!
1 Now, don't think that I don't like knitting, and need a vacation from it! I love it, and perhaps too much. A few years ago I did some marathon knitting and strained my wrist. I've now got a RSI there, and a ganglion cyst. Nothing horrible! It's just that I have to watch how much I knit in one sitting, and then in one week. Take it easy, and I can knit for years to come!

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Michelle said...

So cool!! I have yet to try cross stitch, but I find myself looking at designs on Pinterest all the time. I really, really now, think if I can put a dent in my planned knitting projects in the next few months, I'll feel up for getting a hoop and thread. The Red Letter Day Stitches bikini design is calling to me. I also think my daughter might enjoy it more than her attempts at knitting and we might could inspire one another with fun cross stitch stuff. I thinks it's gonna happen.