Wednesday, June 04, 2014

(Second) Summer of the Romper!

I loudly stated that 2013 was the Summer of the Romper. And it was.
But I think I need a second Summer of the Romper, and this time the sequel will be EVEN BETTER.

Now that I've sewn this pattern (Butterick 4121) about too many times, I'd like to think I've got an idea as to how to make it better.

1) I've recently discovered that I might have to make something called a "sloping shoulder" adjustment.
  • This affects how garments end up sitting, and will create unsightly puckers around the armpits. And while this romper isn't a fitted pattern, and I can get away without making this adjustment, I think it might be a good time to practice this fitting issue.

2) I've tried different front closures, all of which suck canoes-worth of crap.
  • And that hyperbolic negativity above is totally worth stating. The pattern suggested hook and eye. Which ends up creating a big gap in the fabric and the romper becomes a peep show. Then I tried a zipper down the front. Which alleviates the peep-show, but creates lumps and bulges. So now I think I'm all smarty pants, and will move the zipper to the side of the romper and see if that is the magic happy medium I need.

3) French seams, baby!
  • Now that I know what these suckers are, and how to make them, there'll be no more raw edges in my garments. No siree. 
In truth, though, of the three fabrics in the photo you see above, the only one I'm thinking of using for the romper is the floral one. You may recognize that adorable seagull fabric; I've already made a dress from that cuteness. It was on sale, people! I had to finish off the bolt (of which there was only about 1.25 metres.
The black and grey honeycomb is more likely to become a dress for later on in the year. Three metres of that puppy.
And that romper-destined floral fabric? Lightweight cotton, that's a weeeee bit transparent. I've got to find some compatible lining, and then I'm off to the races!
Wish me luck! I think this'll be romper number four.

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Katie said...

Oh man, I've been saying I'm going to sew a romper for like 3 years now! I can't wait to see your's!