Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keeping What's Secret, Secret

I have a friend who decided she wanted to knit a sweater for her husband several Christmases ago. As many of you are well aware, sweaters are not the #1 easiest thing to hide. I mean, even if you knit it in pieces when your gift-receiver isn't around, you still have the sticky tricky task of blocking that sizable project.

Well lo, if my friend didn't come up with the clever idea of hiding her blocking mat beneath their bed! Ha! Her husband had NO idea that he was sleeping right above his Very Secret Christmas Gift.

I too have secret knitting. They're not gifts, but instead are patterns-to-be-published in the future. Sometimes that future is fairly soon, other times that future is close to a year away! So, I feel a little sneaky when I've been spending so much time knitting, and have naught I'm able to show for it on the blog here.

And it's certainly easy for me to keep it secret! No hiding it under the bed for me! (and anyway, under my bed is a scary, scary place. It's where the Dust Bunnies dwell. Those legendarily viscous creatures who only move when you're not looking at them and hungrily gobble up any and all things you foolishly allow to drop anywhere near the floor near their territory. They were recently mounting a takeover of the Under The Dresser territory, and that's when I launched an attack, using a pincher movement with the Dirt Devil and Swiffer divisions).

But my friend? That's super-secret-ninja-knitting going on there.
As I can't show you what I'm working on with that GORGEOUS yellow loveliness pictured there, I'll ask you all instead:

Have YOU ever done some stealthy secret knitting? How did you keep it under wraps?


kingshearte said...

Actually, one of the awesome things about being known as someone who knits socks more or less constantly is that I can forego stealth altogether and sit right in front of someone and knit their surprise gift socks. One Christmas, I didn't quite finish my sister's pair, and only wrapped one of them, so I was actually sitting there knitting the second one while she was opening the first. The look on her face was kind of hilarious.

Beyond that, I did once knit my husband a surprise sweater, and blocked it at my parents' place.

Hilary said...

Hahaha, that's brilliant! I'm sad to say I haven't knit anything for my co-dweller for...well, longer than I'd like to admit. And I think the last time I did, he knew about it. As for secret publication knitting, isn't it hard not sharing it with the interwebs?! Lately I feel like I have NOTHING to put on Instagram...