Saturday, September 01, 2012


I believe it's well documented on this blog how very much I love the September-December run of months.
The best time of year. The best weather, the best holidays, the best food.
Gah! I'm so excited.

So when a meme landed in my comments from Cleo14, I thought: What better time to share reasons why these four months rock.

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1) I always liked going back to school, and still do (like the idea. I try to keep learning things, but must admit it's a bit more difficult in a less structured environment).

2) Unlike (what seems like) the majority of people, "good weather" to me is between 11-19 °C. Sunny or rainy. I do like a rainy day.

3) Autumn fashion is the best fashion cause the autumn fashion has great colours! And textures, layers, jackets, accessories. A knitter's paradise, no?

4) Pies of the apple and pumpkin variety are so good. I always looked forward to the apple cider season as a child (and still do!) There was a farm close to my parents' place, where we'd always get cider and buckets of apples. Buckets.

5) Thanksgiving and Halloween are the greatest holidays every. I think they're tied for first place, followed by Christmas (or, more accurately, the whole holiday season. So many different backgrounds celebrating at the same time. It's magic!)

6) Now, I'm as Canadian as the next canuck, and I know that snow-season brings dangerous driving conditions and a lot of heavy shoveling work but. Come ON! It's snow! It's awesome! Beautiful, fun, crunchy, soft, throwable, buildable, sno-cone-able gloriousness. With the caveat that snow needs to stop snowing after December 31. After that point it's like, go away already. I tire of you.

7) One of the best moments of any year is the first time you see that one, spectacular, amazingly-coloured maple tree. Leaves blazing. I'm always on the look-out for a good deep red one, or orange. Most go a lovely yellow, but getting that pop of red just makes my season.

8) Family birthdays. All my immediate family have their birthdays between September 19 (that's me!) and December 13. I also have an inordinate amount of friends with birthdays in this season, too. Celebrations are one of the things that make life worth living.

Do you like this time of year? Please share your thoughts!


Katja said...

I love this post! Gets me in a really good mood! Love fall as well, and also the snow and the winter and the cold. I totally agree with you on the fashion part - I loveee to spice up my outfits with warm and cosy accessories and I love the colors, too.
Oh, and the trees! I can't think of anything more beautiful than a whole alley lined with burning red or orange trees. The yellow ones look very pretty too, but the combination of all three colors is just amazing. As a knitter, I'm very exited about having reached the 1st of September so I can sit down and concentrate on a bunch of fall knitting. Can't wait!

Unknown said...

Totally agree--September-December is THE best time of the year. The weather, the scenery, the clothes, the food, and the holidays. CAN'T WAIT!

Bridget said...

Are you sure we're not related???

:-) Happy Fall!

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! My mood improves around this time every year.

And of course, in just a couple of weeks, all the cable channels will start running Halloween-themed movies for 31 days...perfect for some relaxing knitting tv!

TatteredSpinner said...

Absolutely agree. I love everything about fall. Soo looking forward to pulling out the mitts/scarves/jackets.

nook. said...

uhhhh yah! this is my most fave time of the year too! when the weather gets crisp, and the leaves start to turn. the first snowfall still makes me giddy. perhaps because it's not as common here now... i grew up where the snow drifts in some places were taller than the houses.. (well grew up is an exaggeration.. more like lived there a few years) but the first snowfall is still special. i have to admit the colours that southern ontario bring in the fall are just soo lovely. i do miss that.... now look, you've got me rambling. ha. but you did ask... ;) xo

Cleo14 said...

I love rainy days, I don't know why.

Unknown said...

The smell of fall...the sun hitting the leaves and the smoke of campfires. The smell of the sun-dried grapes my dad used for wine making.
Yes Fall-Christmas is my favorite. After that it's when the snow just starts to melt and it's warm enough to go outside with a sweater only :)