Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To: Make Olde Timey Ice Cream

Of course I post this at the close of the summer.
But, I'm one of those who thinks there's no season to ice cream!

After sadly having to miss a local festival devoted to this delicious dessert, my cousin and I decided to have our own ice cream fest.

She and her husband made a batch with this recipe.

Her flavour choices were vanilla/Coffee Crisp and vanilla/Kit Kat.

I, being a history nerdette, took this 1908 recipe and set off to cook up a batch.
(I think I've been watching too much Breaking Bad. That last line there sounds nefarious).
I used the basic neapolitan recipe, and, because I am who I am, totally subbed stuff.
No milk? Just used coffee cream and water.
Creamier is better, I thought, so subbing cream for whipping cream be genius.

Ooooh yeah.
It's ice cream time baby.

Divided the batch into four.
Experimented with peaches and pecans, mint chocolate chip, ginger, and coffee flavours.

The consensus?

Peaches and Pecans: need more peaches. Only used one. Still yum.

Mint Chocolate Chip: get smaller chocolate chips. Or figure out a better way to distribute them. They all sunk to the bottom of the container. Still yum.

Ginger: The (surprise) favourite!)

Coffee: Pleasantly bitter. Likened to a dark-chocolate-covered coffee bean. Super yum.

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