Tuesday, September 04, 2012

How To: Camp and Avoid Bears

Ahhh, Algonquin.

A provincial park with almost legendary status, it's got a special place in many-a-Canadian's heart (right alongside that surge of pride you get when you eat a butter tart. Or is that a sugar rush?)

I've got me something of a life's to-do list.
Go to drive in. Check!
Try hot yoga. Check!
Camp in Algonquin. Super Check!

It was a fantastic weekend trip (the 4 hour drive each way flew by. We listened to nerdy podcasts about ancient societies from a U of T prof. Canadiana ahoy!)

I'll let my pics yak for me.


Wildlife: fearless towards humans, these dangerously (cute) chipmunks and American Black Ducks have absolutely NO conception of personal space, man. They're all up in your campsite, begging for foods.1



Canoe Lake: Kind of a big deal for Canadians (and Canadian art fans). Tom Thomson died here. We tried to paddle out to the island with his cairn, but the lake was all like, "nope, no you're not" and attempted to tip us into the water. Not cool lake, not cool.



Greeted by this welcoming sign upon arrival at the campsite.

And of course, knitting. Camping + knitting = goodtimes.

Nighttime at the campsite. Ahh, conifers.
1 While I'm sure this is the commonest of knowledge, it still bears repeating. Feeding wildlife throws off their ability to survive. Dependance on humans is not cool for critters. I say this with full knowledge of the bird feeder in my backyard. Yes, yes I do.

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nook. said...

oh how i miss ontario lakes and camping! love your pics! they make me think of our cottage on the rideau. and yes. camping + knitting = bliss. xo