Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sugary Learnins'; Or, Cupcake Decorated Part Sixtus

This cupcake class has made me look at the possibilities of apparently humble sugary candy.

In this case, it's Starburst.

Here's the cupcake (meant to look like kids in sleeping bags - I decided I need it to be me.)


What you need

-white icing
-mini marshmallows
-several colours of Starburst
-rolling pin
-jelly beans
-nilla wafer cookie
-brown icing (red, or whatever hair colour you'd like to use)
-plastic baggie, or piping bag

How you do it

It's all about the Starburst here.
Roll out each candy. This is a bit tricky, and you can warm up the candies a bit to make them more easily pliable.

There's all sorts of great ways to decorate your blanket. I didn't get all too creative with mine, but decided I would manipulate the Starburst into a yarn ball and some knitting. Super easy. Just treat the Starburst as though it was silly putty. It's actually pretty simple to work with.

With the white icing, slather some on your cupcake, and place a couple mini marshmallows where your little person's body will be, and one for a "pillow".

You can make the face before you place it on the cupcake or after: the bonus of doing it after is that you can artfully decorate the hair, and have it extend onto the blanket/rest of the cupcake.

Now, for the face:
Using the nilla wafer, pipe hair, eyes and mouth on.
Place on pillow, and then cover with the blanket.


The jelly beans come in for feet and hands. Just slide them under the blanket.

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Cleo said...

Wow, so cute. I'll have to try this one out!