Friday, March 02, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Amanda Rios
Blog: Bobby Soxie
Etsy Shop: Bobby Soxie
Rav ID: BobbySoxie
Some Great Designs: BobbySoxie's Rav Designer Page

I can't tell you how much I dig Bella Rue
(pictured), but I'm gonna try:
The pattern's designer, BobbySoxie, is very adept at integrating interesting shapes and texture into her work.
Bella Rue is a wonderful example of Good Design. This cardigan is wearable and functional; it includes a variety of design elements, but all are combined very harmoniously. The sleeve detail is lovely on its own, but there's also the very interesting lines, shape and texture to the back. The front of the sweater continues the pleating/gather detail with adorable pockets.

Perfecto! Wonderful design.

This sensibility is carried forward to her other work, some of which I'll briefly point out here:

Baby it's Cold Outside Poncho certainly is a poncho, and one with a good amount of relaxing stockinette. But, Good Design strikes again with a nice subtle neckline detail and ridged texture along the poncho's bottom edge. The yarn overs draw your eye up and toward the wearer's face, which is always flattering!

Stripes of Betsey is a shawl where wonders await: the potential for colour combinations and the very satisfying ability to use up beautiful stash yarns and bits and bobs is almost irresistible.

Finally, Soxie's: an embellished set of slippers. What a great idea! Use those pretty buttons on a cute pair of socks, where you'll always see them!


aknitontheside said...

Thank you! I spotted the cardigan when trolling Rav and then lost it. I spent an AGE looking for it without success. I agree - this one has a great design.

LittleCanoe said...

That cardigan is gorgeous! I love all the detail. What a talent!

Anonymous said...

I love the poncho so much! I think it would make a great birthday gift!

Domi said...

very beautiful designer, thank you
so much !!!