Friday, January 14, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Hannah Poon
Blog: That other knitting blog
Etsy Shop: Mousewife Knits and Yarnables
Rav ID: mousewife
Some Great Designs: mousewife's Rav Designer Page

This week I get to discuss a very talented knitter, designer, spinner and weaver - and I'm lucky enough to know this lady in real life!

The designs of mousewife are delicate, wearable and feminine.
Take the pictured 1989 sweater. A simple shape and texture combine to create a design that dances on your body. This is positive ease done right! The key-hole details on the shoulders keep this piece playful and make it a wonderful and unique new design.

(image © Knit Picks)

For another great example, check out Lady Knittley's fabulous Fingerless Flying Gloves. This design is a lovely, sweet little option for warming your chilly hands, as well as being a fantastic way to utilize those two cute buttons you have in your collection. The fastening detail at the wrist is a clever marriage of designing with form and function in mind.

And, to whet your appetite:
Debuting in the Spring will be a new collaborative project between mousewife and myself. We've been planning, knitting and working away for months, and can't wait to share with you our new designs!


juicyknits said...

Oh, that sounds very exciting - I'm looking forward to your designs. I admit, I haven't noticed Hannah up till now, but I'm definitely putting her onto my blogroll.

Hilary said...

GREAT design (*just* enough '80's!) and mousewife is such a cute name. I can't wait to hear more about the collaboration...not only does it sound like a lot of fun, but with the two of you working together, the design has got to be spectacular!

Mousewife said...

The collaboration has been a lot of fun. :) thanks for the feature! :D

Valérie said...

Love the keyhole shoulders, they're all over the place right now and really give the sweater a contemporary kick (great wink at the 80s, too).

Rachel said...

All the designs you've posted are so pretty! The designs all have a lotta depth, you're inspiring me to start a project a lil' more ambitious than a mug cozy or a baby hat :) Keep postin' and I'll keep readin'! ;D