Monday, January 24, 2011

Envisioned Visage in Red and Green

So I got me some new glasses.

See here, in happy, perfect red:
New Glasses - on blog

and here, in tortise shell green:

...cue sad, sad violin music...

The unfortunate situation a myopic lady finds herself in is thus:
1) she can't see without her glasses, and
2) she has to take off her glasses to try on new frames to see what they look like, and thus
3) she can't really see what her face looks like with those particular frames

And herein lies the issue.
I thought the red frames looked good. I was on the hunt for something red and in a cat's eye shape, and gosh dern it, that red was the best red for my colouring. I also thought they looked good. I really did.
But, as soon as I picked them up, proper lenses placed and ready to go, even a quick glance in the mirror made me see that I'd fallen victim to the "unfortunate situation" outlined above.

My critique is based on the shape, in that it's too bloody big.
See this post here and this post here for what the old frames look like.

What do you think?

I'm giving it a few more days, just to get used to them.


Natalie Servant said...

I don't know anything about glasses, but I didn't think they looked bad. In comparison, though, the other ones are smaller & look better. Maybe you need to go frame shopping with a camera & have someone snap pictures of you in the ones that appeal.

kingshearte said...

They are perhaps a bit large, but they don't look bad, so definitely see if you get used to them after a few days.

And I don't know if you ever wear contact lenses, but let me tell you, they come in handy for dealing with precisely this issue. Failing that, I agree with the comment above that a camera could be helpful.

love2stitch said...

First of all - I really like both colours on you but especially the green!!!

I agree that the frames are too bloody big - I would try to exchange them if you don't get used to them in a couple of days - I have to wear my glasses 100% of the time and I cannot tolerate contacts (dry eye) so we need to be happy with them and the sales associate should have seen that they are a tad too big for you!
Agree with the picture taking part recommeded by my fellow commentors and also a friend that you trust stylewise comes in handy when going for new glasses.

mel said...

I think they're a bit big, but adorable. My friend goes to a frames place where they take digital photos of you with a bunch of different frame on and email them to you so you can peruse them (with your glasses on) at home. I'm gonna ask her what the place is and if they're a chain - I'm in Ottawa so maybe there's on close by for you?? Good luck :)

juicyknits said...

I also don't know anything about the glasses. I like the green ones on you. They are bigger than your old ones, but it did not seem too big for me...

Mousewife said...

I like them! :)

I have found the best way to avoid the above scenario is to not shop for glasses on my own. I'd be happy to help you glasses shop in the future.

patricia said...

I like the red ones, yes, they are maybe a bit on the big side but they have this vintage feeling. And I thought that was in vogue at the moment. Of course it all depends on your wardrobe & style

ChrisC said...

I have this same problem. I totally make the people at the eyeglass place take pics of me with my phone or camera so I can actually see the frames on and decide. Or, I wear contacts to go try on glasses.

Anyway, I like the green color better on you, and I think the smaller frames you used to have were cuter. These ones overwhelm your face a bit. But, again, as everyone has said, they don't look BAD, just not as cute as a smaller pair.

Brandy said...

I feel your pain. I have a hard time finding glasses small enough for my face. But I do have contacts so I can see what I'm trying on! Maybe get contacts just so you can see to try on glasses?!

emy@thehandiworks said...

Being a specs gal myself, I can understand your pain. I personally prefer the green as it's a little angled whereas the red's cat shape curve near the ear somehow seem to *protrude* a little?

Hilary said...

Ok, so I actually love the red ones. It could be that I have a high tolerance for "too big for ones face", as I somehow have the narrowest face in the world and every pair of glasses I have ever put on have been ginormous. But I think they look adorable. They're slightly wide, but they look like they're supposed to be that way (especially because they're cat eyes). But it's really about your comfortability.