Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Knight Service: Style Boards

I've said more than once that shrugs, and specifically Knight Service, is a pretty versatile pattern. When I knit up the warm-weather version of this piece, the very talented Allyson Dykhuizen suggested that we put together some Polyvore sets, showing just how this shrug can be multi-styled.

If you dig any of these ideas, just remember: Knight Service is on sale for only $2 this week! Pick it up soon!

Here you see my styling for the office.
Comfy, warm, professional, feminine.

Allyson's styled it pretty for formal.
I really love the colour combinations she's included. I think I need to find that dress!

Here she shows it casual.
(side note: omg, you can include nail polish in your Polyvore sets? I saw this on Allyson's, and totally copied her for my last two!)

And here it's two-ways for the beach. I couldn't decided if I liked the shorts look or the dress better!


Hilary said...

Oh man, Polyvore is so awesome and I love seeing it used for knits. I'm in love with the outfits and color combinations you guys came up with!!

Julie said...

These are all killer outfit combos! It just goes to show how versatile it is. I need to rediscover polyvore.