Friday, February 15, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Tante Ehm
Rav ID: tma
Some Great Designs: tme's Rav Designer Page

This week's designer has a solid body of work, pretty patterns that you can imagine yourself wearing all the time. Texture and simple shapes play together and create basic, classic pieces.

Prairie Girl, pictured is a "...crescent shaped shawl ... worked from the top down. The rapid increases result in a wide shallow shawl with twirling edges." Texture and shape work together not only in the piece's basic geometry, it also creates a dynamic "twirl" that creates movement and interest.

Määrä works in a similar way to Prairie Girl, with a subtle ruffle dancing along the edge of this pretty, shallows shawl.

The Piper's Hat and the Movie Night Shrug (a free pattern) show how this designer can transfer her skill for texture and shape into other garments.

And finally, the lovely large cowl Bimini, with beautiful lace and a simple shape.

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Julie said...

That is such a pretty shawl, I love the texture.