Monday, February 18, 2013

Knight Service Spring

This week only, you can buy Knight Service for 50% off. That's a total of $2!

See this post on the Holla Knits blog for more info.

And why take a second look at Knight Service? It's been re-done for Spring.

Singing the Praises of Spring
Living in a temperate zone is exciting. Being able to see the transitions between seasons makes each year both familiar in its cycles and yet new and different each go-round.
Everyone has their favourite season, and I have to admit that Spring was never one of mine. Sure, you’ve got all the flowers coming up and the birds shaking off the snow, but, you’ve got to give up all that glorious Winter knitting!

It’s a sad day when they all get their last wash before storage, and trundle, verily unhappily, into plastic bins for the next six months. So when I can find a pattern that has the ability to season-straddle, and make itself magically transform, I get all keen on it. Avoiding the storage-trundle-of-sadness is totes good.
Knight Service is one of those pieces.

Its debut as a cold-weather garment capitalized on its strengths of warmth (using a wool based yarn), and the metaphorical and physical heaviness that those months’ fashion can bring (the beading acting as statement-making accent to any outfit).

With some simple alterations, Knight Service can show off its warm-weather strengths, too!
Spring brings sunshine, cute dresses, bright colours, and an emotional lightness to fashion that is infectious and invigorating.

This brightness and lightness translates into a shrug made of cotton and linen; one that forgoes the heavy beading and allows the option of smooth shoulders (or perhaps a pretty bow?)

This Knight Service is the perfect complement to Spring’s outfits and energized vibe.
I held a brief and highly unscientific poll saw that most people prefer Spring above all other seasons.

So, which Knight Service do YOU prefer?

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Hilary said...

This is so cute!! I don't know that I could choose a favorite...the more wintry beaded on is awesome, but the springy version seems so perfect for wearing with pretty dresses! I love, love, love the color you chose, too.