Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What the 80s Mean to Me: Holla!

Today my inept fumblings with less-than-ideal technology have been exposed to the interwebs.

That's right: from today into infinity (or, until my vimeo account is killed), you can feast your eyes on my silly self in a me-made video for my upcoming Holla Knits Spring 2013 design.

There's also a much more interesting/less embarrassing guest post I've written up on the Holla Knits blog.

Check it!

I'm also curious: do you have a favourite fashion era? Do you like to pick and choose bits from certain styles? Share! I'd love to know :)


Meredith MC said...

I am an 80's girl. I love the resurgence of 80's fashion in the last year or so. Huge shoulder pads and neon brights are my favorites-on other people!

lilirious said...

haha you cracked me up :) another 80s girl here :) gotta love the 80s man.

Michelle said...

Who doesn't immediately think of audio jacks when they think of the 80s?! Funny! In jr high, I did a gymnastics routine in PE to Footloose, replete with jazz hands and a frizzy perm. Can't wait to see your design.