Friday, January 04, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Kamila Janiszewska
Blog: jan kamila knits
Rav ID: JanKamila
Some Great Designs: JanKamila's Rav Designer Page

In knitting, for me, imagination trumps elegance and color trumps consistency. I’m inspired by different stories, Polish folklore, striking color combinations, and… my stash - necessity can indeed often be the mother of invention.

This lovely quote comes from JanKamila's designer page, and I think it's a great introduction to her patterns.
And, which she says imagination trumps elegance, I think the two are very well intertwined in her aesthetic.

She currently has two published: Wintering (pictured) and the adorable Toothy (Wintering is to be worked up in a worsted version in the near future!)

Stories being an important aspect to her patterns, I was excited to learn that JanKamila is currently working on a longer sequence of patterns, of which Wintering and Persephone’s Plaits are both a part.
Check out Persephone's Plaits: it has the same warm, cozy feel as Wintering, great design with classic details.

You can see the same asethetic at work in Mori and Emi Mitts. Currently both are listed as finsihed projects; I have the inside scoop that they're the next designs to be worked up in to patterns!

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