Friday, January 25, 2013

Indie Designer Revisit

Designer: Susanna IC
Blog: ArtQualia
Rav ID: zuzusus
Some Great Designs: zuzusus' Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: September 5, 2008

(Ok, I know I've already revisited Susanna IC about this time last year, but I super love her work and she's always publishing more!)

Everybody knows the wonderful Susanna IC, right?
So for this first indie designer revisit of 2013, I'll simply say:
-she's brilliant
-when I first profiled her about 4.5 years ago she had about five patterns, and now she has 85!
-she publishes prolifically in magazines (eg. Knitty, twist collective, Interweave Knits) as well as her own self publishing on ArtQualia
-check out the lovely:

Ferywen, (pictured) one of her more recent designs, has a wonderful little designer's inspiration on the pattern page: "For Ferywen, Welsh for ‘juniper’, I wanted to create a lace pattern which would combine Celtic shapes with the geometry of evergreen leaves and branches. I used some simple nupps to mimic the texture of juniper berries; however, these can be easily replaced with beads for a bit of extra sparkle."
Fascinating! Of course her work is consistently knittable, wearable, and attractive, but to have such a rich and direct relationship with the original inspiration makes the term "lace shawl" seem just insufficient to describe this piece!

Published in Knitty's Deep Fall 2012, Beithe is another example of her poetry in yarn. The diamond lace motif (much resembling an birch leaf) stands as an autumnal symbol, using both the simple beauty of the natural leaf shape and culturally-invested value of a diamond's preciousness in a wearable fusion of that season's glory.

Yep, I like her work.

Though she specializes in shawls (so many to mention, please see her rav designer page above!), I wanted to point out that she's adept at other garments:

Hercynia is a simple, pretty, hat and mitts set.

 really gets me. I love this lace cape. Maybe it's just that it's Susanna IC's, so it's great; but I think it's also that I so appreciate the thought that she always so apparently infuses into her designs. For example, this one is resplendent with gothic architectural motifs, and we all know how much I dig those!

Suffice all this to say: she rocks. Keep it up. And as always, looking forward to your next design!


Unknown said...

I love Susanna IC's work. She's just brilliant!

Meredith MC said...

I knit one of Susanna's shawls a couple of years ago. It took a long time to knit because of the beading, which was a first for me. It remains one of my favorite accessories to wear because it can look very dressy all spread out over my shoulders or casual, all scrunched up like a scarf. I've looked at her cable shawl (in one of the Knitty issues) that uses the same crescent shaping and I think I may take the plunge next fall for a cozy scarf/shawl for winter.

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing that shawl.. it looks hard, but it's so lovely!!!

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