Sunday, February 28, 2010


Pattern: Rill (download now)
Yarn: 50 grams of Handmaiden 12 ply cashmere

Mmm... cashmere...

This quick little pattern is my triumphant, almost last minute Ravelympics Designer Biathalon.
It's a cowl with a built-in closure method, in the form of a couple of loops placed just so on one end of the piece.
I'm glad I forced myself to enter the games this year; it's ended in me finally using this lovely yarn (of which I only had 50 metres), as well as a purty Citron. Mine is basically a copy of Julie's over at Knitted Bliss; I saw hers posted a while back, realized I had the very same yarn, and knew I hads to have it!


Julie said...

I checked out the schematic on the pdf to see how it was structured, look sliek the closure is really clever!! Great design. And congrats on the citron, too! I love that color, I wish knitpicks had more yarn weights in that colourway.

Claire MW said...

Love this! Just downloaded the pattern on Rav. I noticed at the bottom of the pattern you provide an option to contact you by email, and I think you've got a "dot" where you should have an "at" in case you feel like fixing that. :-)

Ellen said...

Wonderful! I love that you competed in the designer event...I considered it for a moment, but decided to leave it until the next olympics (maybe!). :)

Teresa said...

Claire: You're totally right!

Hilary said...

I love Rill!! What a great, fun way to use up some special yarn. And you made a Citron!! That makes me happy. :)