Friday, February 05, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Katie Harris
Blog: Knitworks By Katie Harris
Rav ID: MrsMK
Some Great Designs: MrsMK's Rav Designer Page

When the beautiful Cinnamon Grace (pictured) popped up in and amongst my pattern searching I was astonished that I had somehow missed this pattern. It's so very up my alley, with sweet and simple construction, delightful textural detail along the edge and a fantastically descriptive moniker!

The designer, MrsMK, carries this aesthetic over into her other pieces, including the so cute (and free!) Green Cable Capelet. I love the look of cables on bulky yarn, and it never hurts to have a fashionable, quick-to-knit toppermost layer in these cold days of winter.

And to further demonstrate her knitterly dexterity, the Loopy Lace Scarf is constructed in yet another yarn weight. With lacey looping playfulness, MrsMK has made some sportweight look like lace in this sweet wee neck-warmer.


Fel said...

I put Cinnamon Grace into my queue last week, but for some reason I hadn't looked at the other pretty things she's done. Now I did - and boy, so lovely! Thanks for the reminder. :)

LittleCanoe said...

Oh I love that loopy lace scarf! I've always liked the bowtie scarf, but this adds a whole other dimension. Thanks!

Hilary said...

Her designs are all so feminine and pretty! Love!

Julie said...

I haven't seen these before, and now i'm in love!! Just added cinnamon grace to my queue, and I think that loopy lace scarf isn't far behind....

Ilix said...

Ooooo, very cute. I am off to check her out. Thanks for sharing!