Friday, August 06, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Sara Kucharik
Blog: The Yarndest Thing
Rav ID: Yarniv0re
Some Great Designs: Yarniv0re's Rav Designer Page and Rav Projects Page

I love coming across designers who are on the verge of something big.
And, with the creative talent shown by the Yarniv0re, I'm super excited to see what wonderful knits get published next!

Currently she's posted one pattern, the "Cushion the Fall" Cell Phone Cozy, a very cute yarnny "hug" for your favourite electronic gadget.

And yes, there's more!

A wealth of unpublished, lovely knits can be found on her Rav projects page, and I've included just a wee sampling here to show you her great work.

There's a couple versions of a pullover utilizing a fab honeycomb pattern, here listed as Honeycomb Raglan v.1 and Honeycomb Raglan v.2. Both these sweaters demonstrate a great understanding of attractive, wearable, classic and harmonious-looking knitwear. I particularly like the sleeve detail on each.

Also, check out her Belted Raglan Cardy. Again, a very classic looking piece, with a cool detail - the belt is woven through the waist ribbing (you can see a good pic of it if you scroll down the project page a tad).

Just one more: her Allover Aran 3/4 Sleeve. A seamless aran sweater? Yes, please!

Looking forward to any and all new designs!


Hilary said...

Yes, awesome! I love her use of cables. The sweaters are fantastic and I WANT that Aran Handbag!!

Ilix said...

Very cool.... off to stalk.