Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My City Rawks

PhotobucketI live in one of those cities with an unfortunate reputation. It's a very blue-collar kind of place; its historic growth and boom were based on industry. Specifically, steel.
My dad worked in a steel factory. So did both my grandfathers, and about four uncles. My brother works there now too.

This city was founded on hard, dirty work.
And that is why I really love the unlikely juxtaposition that is the vibrant, thriving and incredibly fun local art scene.
Hair Flower - on blog
A few years ago, when the wee gallery district was first up-and-coming, a monthly Art Crawl was begun. I've made it my mission to visit this fabulous event as much as possible.

The second Friday of every month sees all the galleries and shops open their doors; there's food, fun, openings, talks, performances and so many people to be seen.

Oh yes, and things to be bought!Photobucket

One of my new favourite places is a sweet shop called the White Elephant. Inspiration and beauty abounds here. Items from very cool leather work by Shoot From the Hip, to vintage clothing and housewares.
Browsing through their bounty of goodness made me realize I absolutely had to make myself a little stitched Ontario, as well as a cascade of felt flowers for my hair. Methinks there will be cascades of felt flowers in every colour, quite soon!

There's also the Maker's Market. In the good weather it's outside; you get to browse all sorts of handmade lovelies. Last time I got me some delicious-smelling lemon hand cream and a beeswax wall hanging (which scents my room with honey!).

That unfortunate reputation might be turned around by art. That's what I think.
I'm a great defender of my city - it's fabulous here. Come for a visit!
Art is the new Steel!


Jan said...

I love art, new and old, modern and classic, and especially, handmade art. I'm not quite sure what the 'unfortunate' reputation is that you mention. I also think hard work, whether blue collar, white collar, or in a steel mill, is respectable, honest work. I would love to, one day, visit Canada. I'm sure it's beautiful.

Thea said...

Art markets are so fun! And I love the tee shirt - it could also come in handy if you ever visit Pittsburgh, PA.....our East Coast steel town.

deirdre said...

I was recently told about the Art Crawl by a friend, and have to admit, it's hard to imagine James St North being artsy - I grew up in Steeltown, spent a lot of time at the James St Armouries as a kid so have a certain image of the area, and am really looking forward to seeing the change - sounds amazing!

Thanks for the reminder...

juicyknits said...

Love the shirt you're wearing!

Hilary said...

I loved this shout out to your city! It sounds like a very, very cool and interesting place. My hometown area is poo-poo'ed (a lot) by folks in the area where I live now. I wish people would realize that there is often a LOT going on under the surface and many places have quite a bit to offer those who take the time to learn about them.

Oh, and I love the red in your hair! Awesome!

LittleCanoe said...

I love budding art scenes! There's so much potential and excitement in it. I hope your town's art district blooms like a flower!