Friday, June 18, 2010

Music Me-likes: A Song That Reminds Me of Somewhere

For today's musical interlude, I'll present you with a song that reminds me of my elementary school; specifically, that little room on the first floor for all the kindergarteners.

We got to sing and "exercise" to this song. I can even remember the teacher's flashy 80s outfit, putting the record on the player and all us five year olds getting excited for some reggae.

Bob Marley's "One Love"


Hilary said...

That is SUCH an adorable visual! A bunch of little kindergartners dancing around to Bob Marley...awwww.

Sel and Poivre said...

This song totally reminds me of bare board sailing in the British Virgin Islands...we were anchored off the shore of a tiny island that had a restuarant right on the beach. We had just eaten a fabulous meal there and then went back to our boat to sit and look back at the lights of the restuarant and the sound of this song floated across the water to us...ahhhh!