Friday, June 11, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe
Website: Delicious Knits
Rav ID: alliknit
Some Great Designs: alliknit's Rav Designer Page

I'm excited to be talking about this week's designer for a few reasons.

First of all, she's very talented, and has a number of fab patterns published.

See her wonderfully textured Blackberry Cabled Cardigan (right). It's hard to choose a favourite part of this design, but I think it might have to be that collar. SO stylin'-ly perfect.

I'm also excited to talk about alliknit and her work because she's on the verge of releasing a beautiful new pattern, the Celtic Cathedral Cardigan (pictured below). That link will take you to her project page, but hopefully soon you'll be able to download the finished pattern for yourself.


She has many other great knits! Take her Whole Wheat Cardigan. A sweet, short and simple combination of lace and cables, in what I believe would be quite a wearable knit. It's always great to find a pattern that you know you can (and will!) wear over and over.

There's also the cool colourwork of Houndstooth Hat and Mittens (Set). I love me the houndstooth - academic classy vibe with a twist of fun!

And finally, there's the perfectly cabled Irish Moss Toque. This designer really has a knack for texture. Can't wait to see the finished Celtic Cathedral Cardigan!


Susan said...

OMGosh - I need all of her patterns! Thanks for the post.

Thea said...

She's a cable genius!

Pote said...

So beautiful desings! Thanks for sharing this!

Julie said...

wow, I haven't seen these before and they are gorgeous!! I just clicked over to her design page, and her whole wheat cardigan is amazing, too. Thanks for sharing!

juicyknits said...

Yeah, I've been eyeing that blackberry cardigan for a while now...