Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Shauna
Blog: Deezknitz
Etsy Shop: Deezknitz
Rav ID: deezknitz
Some Great Designs: deezknitz Rav Projects Page

There's a fabulous array of patterns available from deezknitz. Especially in the hat department! Check out this piece, Summer Slouch Hat. It was an Etsy Artist of Color Pick of the Week on June 9.
Very summery selection! I love the artful crochet - this same textural focus can be seen in her other designs as well.

Take for example her more wintery selection of hats, of which the 360 Set is one. I really love the undulating texture of the hat, gloves and cowl. All these pieces are available for purchase in her etsy shop.

And she's not only a talented hat designer - check out the adorable sweater she created for her son!

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Hilary said...

Very cool! The crinkle stuff is awesome and I'd love to know how she does that!