Friday, June 04, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Tara-Lynn
Blog: Stay Fancy Free
Etsy: Yarn Over Movement
Rav ID: yarnovermovement
Some Great Designs: yarnovermovement's Rav Projects Page

Some designers just have a really cool vibe. I think yarnovermovement is one of them!

Check out her shrug, Orillia (pictured). There's so many things I like about this, I think it's going to have to be in point form:
-texture: both in the yarn and stitches
-colour(s): hue-on-hue action is awesomesauce
-shape: bell sleeves are awesomesauce-on fire!
-practicality: so much - one can never have enough shrugs. I can so see this with a cute dress, or even with jeans/casual skirt

And speaking of skirts....

The York Mini Skirt is, quite possibly, one of the best knit skirts I've seen. It makes me want to run out and buy bulky, bulky yarn.
But then again, so many of her pieces are worked with this weight, it's making me rethink my whole dedication to the small gauged! (check out her projects page/etsy for so many more).

This designer knows how to style her photos, and make what are clearly solid, stylish and eye-catching patterns look even more appealing.

I'll give you just one more example before I go: her Extra Long Drop Stitch Cowl. It's that bulky yarn at work again! The stitch pattern compliments the yarn perfectly - if you look closely at the photos, you'll be able to see the twist to the yarn. It's so lovely, it would have been a shame to smother it up in another texture.


Julie said...

I've loved Yarnovermovement's knits for ages. Always so chic, and really well styled. Awesome feature!

Thea said...

great stuff! And she's an adorable model -- can't wait to see what she comes up with next. (I'm old, so I can say adorable, right?)

tara-lynn / good night, day said...

thanks so much, i can't tell you how much i appreciate the support of other amazing knitters especially, i really enjoy knitting & just hope others will like what i come up with, tara-lynn xo
thanks again for this amazing post, makes my day! i just got to keep going...