Monday, April 12, 2010

Knot Tying 101; Or, How Wedding Planning Comes Along

... wherein I continue to chat about my wedding plans, and it's still about the fun crafty stuffs ...

Ah yes, here it is: the reason (or at least, one of them!) for my sustained bloggy silence.
I've been keeping myself busy busy with various and sundry wedding bits.
Ok, so what've I actually done?

Well, first off are the invites. Last week I had a bit of an assembly-party, including me and four very generous and talented helpers, five hours, many metres of tape and some delicious snacks.
It was really rather fun - now I'm just waiting on the envelopes, and I'll then be sending these sweeties out in to the wide postal world.

Other paper-based activity includes the guestbook I've put together, using blurb dot com.
It's just arrived today, and I'm sooo happy!Photobucket
What I did was gather up a whole whack of my and his family photos, scan them and use the software to edit the images together.
I also thought it was a neat idea to encourage guests to write more than just their name and address (while cool, not really very interesting). On the signing pages, I put two columns; one says "Name", the other "Thoughts, Wishes, Memories, Advice".

Incidentally, I'm not the only one who's been busy planning and paper-crafting. My very dedicated sister-turned-maid-o'-honour has whipped up what, I have to say, are some of the absolute coolest Bridal Shower invites I've ever seen.
Not only are they hand-made, they're yarn themed!!
PhotobucketShe's keeping her plans quiet, so I'm not sure what awaits me next month.
I'm really looking forward to it!

And, on to yet more stuffs I've been doing:

I have a pretty good idea what the centrepieces are going to look like - one part of it are these round glass vases.
These vases have become the bane of my existence. There's boxes and boxes of the things sitting in my apartment, awaiting their turn to be etched.

The frustrating part is the fiddly wee bits of stencil I have to place for each vase. I've Photobucket
used them so much now, they're beginning to lose their stickiness and readily slip off, move their position and wreak general havoc on my glassy crafting attempts.
And so, I have about ten left to make. I'll have a bit of a celebration the day they're done and out of here!

And now, I have a question to ask of you all (because you've all been of such help in my many other wedding-advice asks!).
Months ago, I bought several rolls of rather cute ribbon, thinking it would be some sort of back up if the vases didn't work out. As noted above, the vases (though troublesome) are very near being deemed successful, and so I have the riddle of this ribbon, and what precisely I should do with it.


And, one last thing I'd like to share: this craft-in-waiting.
I'll show you what exactly they'll all become when it's finished.



Fel said...

I think you could still incorporate the ribbons in the centerpieces somehow...if there's flowers in there, have some ribbons flowing out of the vases as well.
You could also use them to tie up wedding favours, or decorate the tables, or tie them around the vases.
Or you could use the ribbon to tie together the cutlery for each set and lay it across the table (might be a lot of work though).

The invites look lovely. :)

kingshearte said...

I don't know what you have planned for thank you notes, but maybe the ribbon could be incorporated there somehow?

Julie said...

I love the invites, they look so chic!! All the things your working on look just wonderful. I'm loving the secret project with the cameos- looks very neat!!

Amy said...

How exciting - I love wedding planning, I'm helping my best friend with hers! The guest book looks awesome - love the idea of relatives imparting wise advice on your wedding day.

Misty said...

I was also thinking you could tie ribbon bows around the vases or otherwise incorporate them into the centerpieces.

Looking good so far! Only a few months left to go! :)

Hilary said...

Oh, I love your wedding posts! You've done an amazing job with those invites and vases (You know how to etch glass, too?! Amazing!) and I LOVE your guest book idea. As for the ribbon...maybe use it to wrap the favors? I like the idea of using it in the thank you notes somehow, too.