Friday, April 09, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Bekah Stockwell
Rav ID: ClaudiaThorn
Some Great Designs: ClaudiaThorn's Rav Projects Page

I can't tell you how appealing and interesting I find this designer's work!

Take for instance her Ridiculously long Peruvian Shaman/Elf Hat (pictured).
Here's what she has to say about the piece:
"I needed a hat that would fit over my dreadlocks… and had some awesome heavy worsted red variegated yarn I wanted to use… so I improvised this hat on chopsticks!"

This, to me, is a fabulous way to play up the beauty of a handspun yarn. Her colour palette is amazing - but even if this were in a solid colour, the shape and texture of the hat would make it an appealing piece alone.

I'll also point you towards her Le Fee Vert Victorian Collar. This is another lovely knit with whimsical, historic character (that stuff always gets me!) I truly hope she continues designing, and (perhaps? please?) writes up a few patterns to share with all us knitters.
Because really, I'm an impatient creature.

ETA: You can check out her work on Facebook as well: just search for No Spectators Designs!


Hilary said...

Yes....extremely cool. I absolutely love the contrasting handspun border/braid on the Shaman/Elf hat. And how much does it rock that she made it with chopsticks?! It isn't something she designed, but the "Camera Flavored Pop Tart" on her Rav projects page is hilarious, functional, and also awesome.

Julie said...

awesome knits, I love the texture of the handspun.

the moonlight seedling said...

Thanks so much for the article! Thanks to you, my FB page is getting quite a few fans, which I can tell you I really need right now, as I'm just starting to gain enough confidence in my designs to sell! Love your blog and your designs!


Andi said...

I love your designer profiles! You always pick great designers that I haven't heard of.