Friday, April 23, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Colleen Teerling
Rav ID: teerling
Some Great Designs: teerling 's Rav Designer Page and Projects Page

One of the bonuses to my moving downtown was that I would be able to walk to work. While I've been very lax indeed on actually taking advantage of this opportunity, the times I do are very rewarding.

Take this morning, for example. It's the perfect time to stroll down the streets and see the beautiful gardens with varieties of tulips, daffodils and whimsical flowering trees.

This week's designer is a perfect complement to this springtime effusion of happiness and delicate natural beauty.

Witness the pictured Lacy Leaf pattern. A very neat adaption of arrowhead lace, this sweet and simple pattern if infinitely adaptable and decoratively useful. I'm having Martha Stewart interior design visions!

And I have to point out the very cool s-t-r-e-t-c-h your Noro pattern. Check out what the designer has to say:
"I got a gift certificate, so I splurged on 2 skeins of Noro. By combining it with the (much!) cheaper Briggs & Little, I got a vest out of it, using a 2-colour fisherman’s rib. I love the way the dark background sets off the Noro.
I later used this in a class I taught at the yarn store on playing with colour and getting the most out of luxury yarns."

Such a good idea. I always seem to have one, or a part, skein of something lovely left over. Stash utilizing projects rawk.

And lastly, there's the cable-rific Rivendell Socks. Just check them out. Can't describe their awesomesauce-ness.

And definitely check out her projects page for some wicked cool intarsia!


Julie said...

how awesome is that photos with the leaves and the kitty?! Love it. I checked out the stretch your noro project- it's amazing@!1 what a great idea for stretching the luxury yarn budget. great designs!

Hilary said...

What pretty little leaves! I love the curious cat, too. :) Her Noro vest is also extremely clever!