Friday, March 12, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Emma Fassio
Blog: emmafassioknitting
Rav ID: emmafassio
Some Great Designs: emmafassio's Rav Designer Page

I'm always on a quest to find new and interesting knits; designs that intrigue, colours that capture, lines that flatter.

And this week's featured knitter and knit, emmafassio's Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi - Jumper, has a shape that delights. It's a soft detail that adds an element of whimsy to the knit, creating yet another reason to love the basic and wonderful raglan!

Her Mormor's Shawl is a nice basic with a sweet story - she created it for her Swedish grandmother, "mormor" being grandmother in Swedish.

Knits that use and show yarn in its best always make me smile, and the designer's Sansi Shawl is a great example of one such knit. The repeated little lace Os create visual interest that acts as a catalyst for the vibration of the hues in the yarn. This is a knit used best for variegated - that yarn which (for me at least) constantly eludes flattering knits.
Eureka! I've found one :)

As per usual, check out her Rav Designer Page - there's so much more there that I haven't touched on!


Julie said...

oooh, so many great designs! I haven't see her stuff before, it's awesome!!

emmafassio said...

Thank you so much for the incredible profile that you have written on me:):)

Hilary said...

I love a short sleeved sweater, and that Rosa's Sleeveless Jumper is so cute! Thanks for another great designer recommendation. :)