Friday, April 03, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Stephanie
Blog: Inspired by Life
Rav ID: eyeloveit
Some Great Designs: eveyloveit's Rav Projects Page and her Rav Designer Page

This week's indie designer, Stephanie, finds inspiration in the same place I do: designer fashion. She's looked to such names as Anthropologie and Fossil, with incredible knit results.

Her Quirky Queen Cardigan is so fabulous, I'm not sure where to begin! Inspired by an Anthropologie design (which you can see if you check out her blog post here) I personally think she's done the knit better than they did.
Check out the texture, the kickass buttons, the sculptural loops and cables (and let's not forget the lovely yarn decision - oh tweed, can you ever be wrong?) Applause all around for this fantastic design.

There are many others you should check out:
September, an adorable cardigan, comes with a tutorial. It features the same kind of textural/cable sensibility you see in the Quirky Queen. My favourite bit of this design is the subtle integration of a "waistline" right up under the bust. She achieves this through changing the direction of the cables. Cool, eh?

A similar cardigan, Bianca, and an adorable Cropped Sweater Jacket are unmissables too. Check out her whole Rav Projects page!

And, as an added bonus, here's some thoughts from the designer herself:

"I’m a self-taught knitter - I bought a booklet and studied it over and over until it made sense.

I am recently kind of obsessed with hand dyed & hand painted yarn. I plan to spend the summer dyeing up my own and possibly setting up an etsy account to sell it.

I also make jewelry, though knitting takes up most of my creative time."

I'll certainly be watching for an etsy store in the future! Keep us updated :)


Meghan said...

What a fantastic sweater (and one I hadn't seen before!) Thanks for pointing it out.

Susan said...

That is an AMAZING sweater.

Hilary said...

I completely agree - she did it better than Anthropologie! The yarn and buttons are such a clever combination...and I want that sweater RIGHT NOW!

Team Knit said...

oh wow, all those projects are so amazing!! I think a couple of these might be going in the ever-growing queue....

- Julie